Positive Results

Making the Best Decisions When You're at High Risk
for Breast or Ovarian Cancer

A book by Joi L Morris and Ora Karp Gordon, MD

About Joi

Joi L. Morris, BRCA2 positive mother of two, shares her experiences with genetic testing, high-risk surveillance and preventive surgery in the enthusiastically acclaimed book Positive Results. Read more

About Ora

Ora Karp Gordon is not only a gifted physician specializing in medical genetics but also a genetic counselor with a passion for sharing knowledge with her patients. Through Positive Results, she shares her knowledge about breast and ovarian cancer genetics with everyone. Read more

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Praise for Positive Results

It is an outstanding resource that explains the basis for genetic tests, the implications for modern healthcare, and many of the decisions that affect families and society. The book's approach is intelligent and honest, and it provides personal perspectives and answers to many questions voiced by women coming to grips with this powerful information. I'm thrilled that I will be able to now recommend Positive Results to my own patients who are facing these decisions.

Beth Y. Karlan, MD

A must read...this book is not just a BRCA resource...it is BRCA 101.

Namrata Singh Gujral Actress, producer

Positive Results is a tremendously important book: a frank, personal, informative, and extremely accessible account of the latest insights into breast cancer genetics, diagnosis, and treatment. It deserves to reach a very wide audience, not merely among women, but also the men who love them.

Kevin Davies Author of Breakthrough: The Race to Find the Breast Cancer Gene and Cracking the Genome

Positive Results is a book long overdue. It demystifies the BRCA journey and provides a road map to guide, teach, inspire, and comfort.

Selma Schimmel, BRCA1+ Founder and CEO of Vital Options International; host of The Group Room© cancer talk radio show and author of Cancer Talk: Voices of Hope and endurance from "The Group Room," The World's Largest Cancer Support Group

I learned I was positive for the BRCA2 mutation at age 34-7 years younger than my mother was at her first diagnosis of breast cancer. Shortly thereafter, facing unthinkable choices and desperate for information, I had the good fortune to meet Joi and read Positive Results. This book answered every question I had, anticipated many that hadn't yet occurred to me, and continues to serve as an invaluable resource as I weigh my risk management options. Just as importantly, Joi's intimate and honest accounts of her feelings from testing through surgery and beyond provided support during a time when I felt very isolated, and are helping me to prepare for what lies ahead emotionally. Positive Results has helped me to take an informed, proactive approach to my genetic status, and I would recommend it to anyone at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer, at every step of his or her journey.

Suzanne Ennis, BRCA2+ Manhattan Beach, CA

Positive Results is a superbly written guidebook for men and women whose families are afflicted with breast or ovarian cancer, and Joi and Ora's easy-to-read, educational, and informative writing enlightens every reader to how we all should make the best decisions regarding our healthcare choices. The understanding of genetics, environment, and basic medical statistics offered in this book is something every person who ever seeks medical care should have. Everybody needs to read this book!!

Howard C. Mandel, MD Former Chief of Gynecology of Century City Hospital and Chief of Gynecology and Chief of Surgery of Century City Doctors' Hospital

Cutting-edge technology and research is presented in a highly readable and personal manner. This book is a tremendous resource for clinicians and patients alike. I learned a heck of a lot!

David L. Rimoin, MD, PhD Founding President of the American College of Medical Genetics

Morris and Gordon summarize a wealth of information about the genes for hereditary breast cancer so that women with a BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation may have a single reference to guide them when faced with difficult decisions about risk management.

Steven Narod, MD Canada Research Chair in Breast Cancer, Womens College Hospital, Toronto

I realized upon first meeting Joi many years ago that she is a positive influence on all who know her. Having taken a journey with breast cancer, although a different journey than Joi's, I appreciated every second of Positive Results. This is a courageous, generous, open, honest, compassionate, and daring book. Positive Results is inspiring, empowering, enlightening, amazing, and, for some women, will be a lifesaving encounter with this author, who can guide them to the place where she stands-next to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Kate Jackson Actress, Director, Speaker

To patients -- A real guidebook for patients with strong family histories of breast cancer as they make their journey through testing, risk assessments, and decisions about surgery. Morris and Gordon help patients (and their families) find the answers to complex questions about genetic testing for breast cancer risk and treatment options. In this era of personalized breast cancer risk assessment and treatment and information-enabled and empowered patients, this is a book not only for breast cancer patients but also for their families such that everyone involved can have a complete understanding the issues, the choices, and make informed decisions - and they can now do so outside the physician's office thanks to this terrific resource.

To providers - if you are managing patients with breast cancer or hereditary breast cancer, this book belongs in your library. Morris and Gordon can really help guide you and your patient through the genetics, the risk factors, the risk mitigating options, and the decisions for mastectomy, oophorectormy and reconstructive surgery. This book demystifies the genetics and takes much of the complexity out of genetics based decision-making. The combination of a breast cancer patient and a physician-specialist in high risk breast and ovarian cancer syndromes as co-authors is an extremely powerful combination resulting in a true reference manual for a new generation of genetically guided treatments for hereditary breast and ovarian cancers.

Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, MD, PhD Director, Center for Genomic Medicine, Duke Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy
Professor of Medicine and Pathology, Duke University
Author of Genomic and Personalized Medicine

Modern genetics has produced a huge amount of information about breast and ovarian cancer risk, and a woman with a family history of the disease feels a huge need to learn it. She need look no further. This book provides insights at every level, ranging from the emotions that families experience to summaries of the latest laboratory research. Helpful personal accounts are balanced with clear medical advice. I can't imagine a more thorough resource than this one.

Jeff Wheelwright Author of The Irritable Heart: The Medical Mystery of the Gulf War and the forthcoming The Wandering Gene

Finally! When I discovered that I am BRCA 2+, my life changed. I struggled to find resources in my community and people who understood my struggle. Positive Results has become my number one resource. It is clear, concise, easy to understand. I have given copies to my Ob-GYN, dermatologist, opthamologist, sister, mother, etc. Joi does an incredible job of presenting all the current information, without trying to influence the reader into any particular course of action. Exactly what we need! Thank you!

Jennifer D. Raess, BRCA2+

I had the most wonderful opportunity of meeting Joi last year while she was in NYC. We both share a common bond with hereditary cancers in our families. I was immediately struck by her warmth, compassion, and vast knowledge as we spoke about our risks. Both of us share another special bond for our love and dedication to FORCE, the only non-profit organization for hereditary cancer, through our Outreach coordinatorships as well. I applaud the strength, wit and determination of both authors in bringing forward the long awaited and overdue empowerment of knowledge needed for all women and men pre-disposed to breast and ovarian cancers. Thank you Joi and Ora for creating increased awareness for the high risk community like never before in this electrifying book sure to help not only previvors and survivors, but also the healthcare providers from whom we seek our specialized care!

Lisa Guzzardi, RN