Positive Results

Making the Best Decisions When You're at High Risk
for Breast or Ovarian Cancer

A book by Joi L Morris and Ora Karp Gordon, MD

About Joi

Joi L. Morris, BRCA2 positive mother of two, shares her experiences with genetic testing, high-risk surveillance and preventive surgery in the enthusiastically acclaimed book Positive Results. Read more

About Ora

Ora Karp Gordon is not only a gifted physician specializing in medical genetics but also a genetic counselor with a passion for sharing knowledge with her patients. Through Positive Results, she shares her knowledge about breast and ovarian cancer genetics with everyone. Read more

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 My Family Has a History of Breast Cancer
  • Part 1: Assessing Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk through Genetic Testing
  • Chapter 2 Genetics 101
  • Chapter 3 Genetic Counseling and Genetic Testing: Do I Really Want to Know?
  • Chapter 4 Beyond the Basics: Issues Relating to Children
  • Part 2: Understanding Increased Cancer Risk
  • Chapter 5 Understanding Hereditary Cancer Risk
  • Chapter 6 Modifying Risk
  • Chapter 7 Beyond BRCA: Other Genomic Assessments of Breast Cancer Risk
  • Chapter 8 BRCA-Positive Men
  • Part 3: Making Decisions
  • Chapter 9 Choosing Surveillance
  • Chapter 10 Choosing Mastectomy
  • Chapter 11 Choosing Breast Reconstruction
  • Chapter 12 Tips, Tricks, and Some Words of Caution
  • Chapter 13 Managing Ovarian Cancer Risk
  • Chapter 14 Managing Menopause
  • Chapter 15 Taking Action on the Big Decision-My Story
  • Afterword
  • Appendix Other Genes Linked to Hereditary Breast Cancer